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South Beach Diet Reviews (Weight Loss Supplement)

Weight gaining is a common and unstoppable issue these days. The major factor behind this issue is junk food and unhealthy meals. Even we know the reason behind over health but bound of the poor habit of junk food. And the funny thing is, with this type of diet we want smart body right? Weight loss seems impossible but actually, it is not as much we imagine. Just we have to be a little bit conscious about our physical activity and diet. Here we’ll suggest you the best diet to weight loss.South Beach Diet

What is the South beach diet?

Basically, the south beach diet is weight loss diet which is too popular due to its prominent result. This diet was introduced in 2013 via a book, whose Author is Arthur Agatston (Cardiologist). This diet plan got famous in to time, its popularity depends on various factors like natural, delicious, recommended by doctors, foolproof plan for the fast and best way to weight loss. There is no fear of any type of side effect in this diet plan because it is 100% natural and pure.

Actually, it is low carb diet which is put forward after great research and study. This is why, it also knows as Low-carbohydrate diet. Normally when we have the diet to weight loss we have to keep checking that, how much carb and proteins we are having. But here, in this case, there is no such anything related to keep checking or staying conscious whether we are having low carb and high proteins. Because it is already testified and introduced in the market after Doctors’ recommendation. However, the best reason to adopt this diet is positive reviews.

Advantages to South beach diet

South beach diet recipes has numerous advantages with it. Normally, when we are on a diet we have to leave many delicious diets and desired food and many such other thing which we can’t leave. But In the case of having a south beach diet, we can enjoy the types of food as they are included in the diet plan. Moreover, this diet plan is consists of only such vegs, fruits or herbs which have low carbs and high proteins. And this is a basic and essential need of our body. Through this diet, our body gains maximum about of proteins, in this way we lose weight without getting weaker. By adopting this diet you feel that you are missing something, this’ll change your overall habit of dieting.

About Diet

As we mentioned up there in its advantages that it has low carbs and high proteins. Which is an essential factor of a healthy body Basically, South Beach body Diet is considered as the perfect and the balanced diet ever by having good carbs, maximum proteins, healthy fats, rich fibers, and enough nutrients. You can follow this diet plan for life time. Yes! You heard right. Because it has almost all type of food just you have to take in a recommended pattern and according to the diet plan.

Foods with the high glycemic index are included in this diet plan which in increase your blood sugar faster and higher as compared to such food have a low glycemic index. However, the increase in blood sugar can lead your body to the weight gain which can be the cause of diabetes. The south beach diet not only provides us the desired result. But also teaches about the kinds of fats and differentiate between healthy and unhealthy dietary fats. While on a diet plan you must have to know actually what are you eating and gaining from them to your diet balance. On the other hand, South beach diet is providing all essential factor through vegetables, fruits, grains, and different herbs.

Role of Less Carbohydrates   

The south beach diet has low carbs and high proteins which is the essential and basic need of a healthy body. However, low carbohydrates is the basic property of this diet plan. Where 50% to 70% calories come from the carbohydrates on a daily basis.  If we are having 230 grams to 335 grams carbohydrate daily, it means we are gaining up to 2000 calories each day. In case, you want to maintain this intake to too many carbs and want to lessen gaining of calories this south beach diet plan is for you. By adopting this diet plan you will just gain 140 grams of carbohydrate each which is almost 45% less than the regular diet.


This topic has no need for description. We know physical activity is an essential factor of life, to keep ourselves healthy and active we mush have to add some physical exercise in daily routine. However, the south beach diet plan involved some exercise with the diet plan. Beyond this diet plan, it is recommended to have some exercise in daily routine. Actually, exercise with this diet plan boosts the metabolism in the body which leads to weight loss.

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South beach diet phases

This diet plan put forward in the market after great study and testes. It introduced in a specific pattern and according to the proper diet plan. The south beach diet plan is based on the three phases. Where each phase is based on specific and unique dietary foods.

South beach diet phase 1

First, 15 days of this diet plan are includes in its first phase. The first phase is based on eliminating such food from your diet which is high in sugar and have refined starch, this first step is toward the weight loss. You have to avoid all such thing or food which have high carb like oily food, pasta, bread, rice, and fruits. Even you can’t drink fruit juice or take alcohol. In first phase you just have to focus on the lean food which has high proteins like sea food, lean meats (beef, mutton, chicken) and soy products. In first week you have to just eat those vegetables which have high fiber and have to avoid such dietary have extra fats. Have unsaturated fats including nuts, seeds, avocados etc. these all are low fats dairies.

South Beach Diet Phase 2

The 2nd phase of the south beach diet is considered as the long term weight loss phase. In this phase, you start adding those foods which you were avoiding in the first two weeks of this diet plan. Adding back those all those food doesn’t mean that start eating junk food. You have to add just add healthy food in diet plans like brown rice, juices, fruits, and some vegetables. You have to stay in this phase for a long time until you don’t get the desired result.

South Beach Diet Phase 3

Third and last but most important phase of this diet plan. In this phase, you do not have to add or remove anything else.  You just need to maintain a diet plan which you are having in the first two phases.

Daily Diet Plan

  1. Breakfast. In Breakfast, you can have an omelet or baked eggs with some herbs like spinach and ham, along with a cup of tea or a coffee.
  2. Lunch. You may have the vegetable salad with shrimp or scallops in lunch.
  3. Dinner. Dinner may consist of feature grilled tuna with grilled vegetables and a salad.

How long it takes to show the result?

In the south beach diet plan, you can lose up to 13 pound which is about 6 KG, in the first phase means in just 15 days of dieting. The result shows that you also lose weight in 2nd phase but a little bit slower as compared to the first phase. However, you lose about up to 2 pounds in 2nd phase which is about 1 Kg. In my point of view, it is not lesson weekly basis even you are having almost all luxuries of different foods.

Basically, losing of weight is related to the number of calories you are losing. Many peoples loss their weight more than expected because they are avoiding such diets which have high carbs. But burning of fats too early or removing carbs rapidly from the body might be the cause of weakness in the body. Basically, losing up-to 1 KG is a recommendation. And obviously, this is recommended after the study and research. Although losing weight slowly is better in a healthy way, in such a way you keep losing your extra weight without losing for body energy and it is a great advantage.

Losing a large amount of weight indicates that you are losing water from the body which makes your body tissues and cell weaker. In such case, you start losing beneficial fats instead of extra and useless fats.

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