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The Most Bizarre (Yet Resourceful) Restaurant Survey Questions

It is important for restaurateurs to keep a check on the way their restaurant is working. This is only possible when the restaurant owners keep a check on the customer surveys or feedbacks. Sometimes the customers cannot convey their message to the manager or the waiters so they wait for the survey to write whatever they did not like about the restaurant. The following are some of the most bizarre, yet resourceful, restaurant survey questions that you can add to get an insight into what your customer really wants:

  1. What brings you here?

This is something really unusual to ask the customers. They can be at the restaurant because it might be someone’s birthday; somebody might be celebrating an anniversary etc. But when they’ll read the question, something unusual would come to their mind and they’ll either write a name of a dish or would appreciate the environment. This would help the restaurant staff and owner to see what really is best about the restaurant. It becomes worrisome if the customers do not write anything and skip this particular question.

2. What’s one dish that nobody can dislike:

This question would help the restaurateurs to add on more dishes on the menu. There is never enough food on the menu of your restaurant so it is always better to ask your diners, what dish they would like to be added on the menu. Some dishes are quite basic and just require a little effort. Maybe the dish that they suggest attracts more customers as soon as you add it in your menu.

3. Is there anything that you would like to change about today:

Now. this is a very bold question where you should be open to criticism by the customers. The customers can write anything, from decor to menu. According to research, regulars spend 67% more time in restaurants than new customers do. This shows that it is important for you to know what really is missing in your restaurant. When it comes to business, criticism is always beneficial as it helps you improve so that nobody else complains about the same thing.

  1. Is your dish big enough to share with your loved ones:

This question has nothing to do with the menu. This is simply an attempt to spread love. You can check the size of your dishes if the customers are not satisfied with it but most of the time they’ll definitely want to appreciate the size of the dishes. Couples or families love it when they can share the dishes with each other. If that is what your restaurant provides then it’ll definitely be loved by all.

5. Are you satisfied with the prices of the dishes:

Whether we believe it or not but most of the people do not go to restaurants just because of their budget. They are concerned if the dishes would be too expensive. This question would help you understand your customer type. After looking at the customer’s feedbacks, you can add some cheap dishes along with the expensive ones so that every person can dine in your restaurant.

SurveyH and Publixsurvey are two of the most prominent surveys designed for customers. They urge the customers to fill out surveys of the restaurants they’ve visited so that it gives the restaurateurs an insight of what needs improvement. According to surveys conducted by SurveyH Publixsurvey, a lot of restaurants have improved the quality of their food, décor, environment etc after getting feedbacks from their loyal customers.

Some survey questions are really basic while some can be really fun. Bizarre questions like the ones mentioned, not only gives you what you are actually looking for but it also helps the customers take interest in answering as many questions as they can. It is important for you to leave the survey for the end. Annoying the customers when they’re eating or paying the bill would affect your survey. So it is important for you to let the customers know that you value their privacy and the survey was just for fun or to know what needs improvement.

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