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mct oil powder Reviews Where To Buy

MCT (medium-chain triglycerides), it is the medium length chain of a triglyceride having two to three fatty acids and aliphatic tail of 6 to 12 carbon atom. Basically, MCT is the supplement which can be add into coffee, smoothies, salad and etc. Because of their short length, they are soluble and easily digestible and many other health-related benefits are linked with it. And have a positive effect on the processing of body fats. Commonly, MTC oil is derived from coconut oil because more than 50 % of fats we can gain just from coconut oil.

And other 50 % of fats we can gain from different ways like from palm oil, and such other dairy products, etc. We can find four different types of MCTs, which exist in the form of Caprylic & capric acid. Normally, these mostly use in MCT oil and these have unique and unreplaceable benefits. Some of its benefits are mention below.

Leads to weight loss

MCT oil also leads you towards the weight and this the reason behind its popularity. As we are familiar, the functioning of our whole body is connected to our brain. And our body follows the signals sent by the brain. MCT oil work with those signals and makes you like that you have eaten a lot. According to the study, coconut oil are enough for this purpose. It is recorded that people who are having MCT oil eat less as compared to those who are having coconut oil. Because MCT oil drives fats not only from coconuts but also from other diaries. As this derived from natural ingredient without adding such chemical which kills its purity. So there is no fear of side effect that’s why it consider as a natural way of weight loss.

However, MCT oils have 10 percent fewer calories as compared to the LCTs. Where we can find LCTs oil in food i.e. nuts. Olive oil, avocados, etc. Furthermore, MCT oil also helps to burn out calories which also helps in the removal of extra fats from the body. MCT oil provides energy to your body in no time, where it can be converted into ketones.

An instant source of energy

MCT oil is considered as the instant source of energy which works as fuel to the brain. As our body consume MCT instantly as compared to the LCT because of its shorter length. Where MCT also contains more carbons comparatively, however, it stores carbons in their fatty acid. Furthermore, due to their small size they not supposed to be broken as well as they travel straight to the liver without any hurdle.

Helps to control diabetes

MCT oil also plays a role to control sugar balance, which is beneficent for those who are suffering from the diabetes disease. Most people have diabetes type 2 which causes overweight and obese and this makes controlling of diabetes herder. However, MCTs helps to reduce the extra fats from the body which makes diabetes controllable.

Reduce Risk of Heart diseases

Heart disease is growing day by day and becoming uncontrollable. However, high cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking, over-weight and such other disease are increasing the risk of heart disease. As MCT oil is considered as the ingredient of weight loss which decreases the risks of heart problems. Moreover, the study shows that MCT oil can also increase the production of HDL cholesterol. Which is said to be Heart-protective cholesterol.

Fight with bacterial growth

Research shows that MCT is had anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. It reduces the growth of Candida albicans up-to 25 percent, which prevents us from the various skin infection. The study also shows that coconut oil has great ability to reduce the bacterial growth and yeast due to the lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid in the MCTs.

MCT Oil Powder

As this clear from the name of the product that it is derived from the MCT oil and later on converted into powdered form to make intake easy. Relax! They haven’t used any chemical or such other ingredient to convert it into powered from. Starch is used in the process of converting liquid into dried from. It not only the product of weight loss but you can also use this as an energetic factor and this in your daily routine, as many athletes and sportsmen do. However, Carrier powder is used in the drying process and it is a plus point in the form of proteins.

Now, this mixture have low carbs and high proteins, one more interesting fact about this, you don’t have to think about carbohydrate or keep checking that because it is already measured and after the only beneficent amount is added into it. But this can be an issue for those who have a poor habit of our eating especially junk food.

Common additives for the spray drying process are:

  • Glucose syrup solids (derived from corn, rice, wheat, or potato starch)
  • Maltodextrin (usually made from corn or wheat)
  • Soy lecithin (soy-derived)
  • Soluble corn fiber and other grain-based fillers
  • Acacia fiber (derived from the sap of the acacia tree)
  • Sodium caseinate (dairy-derived)
  • Other additives that aren’t reported on the label

How to choose MCT powder

There are different methods to convert MCT oil into MCT powder, some local and unregistered companies use chemicals and low quality of starch to convert oil into powder. While buying make sure that you are buying the product of a reliable and registered company. Moreover, you can avoid the buying of the low-quality product by checking the list of ingredient labeled behind the product’s packing. Make sure that sugar, fiber, carbohydrates are listed into the content of ingredient.

Don’t prefer such product where the list of ingredient is incomplete or have no content list of ingredient. Also, check the ratio of ingredients used in it. It is must to know that how much the quantity of proteins and carbs is to intake. While checking the ratio, keep in mind the ratio of Oil should be up to 80% and other filler like starch, etc. might be 20%. However, the quantity of MCT oil still matters because basically we are getting the desired energy from the MCT oil. Make sure that the main resource of MCT oil is coconut oil.

 Benefits of MCT Powder

Many of us consider MCT powder more valuable as compared to the MCT oil. According to them, powder came in the market in the furnished form which has recording and the specific amount of fewer carbs and high protein which actually our body demands. Mixed protein in it doesn’t allow to lose energy from our body while the fat burning process. Beyond easy intake of Powder from, we can also have some other advantages.

We can have powdered form in different ways, we may have this with other supplements and get benefits from both at a time. It can also be used in other baked good or we may have it in the form of juice or drink. As it is easy to add this in our daily routine like we can use it in breakfast with coffee or tea. Powdered from not only makes intake easy but also makes the digestive process easy which commonly can’t be done by liquid from. However, powders are easy to keep in any place in the form of packet or we can travel with it, where in liquid form we lose this opportunity. We can consume more MCTs in form of power as compared to the liquid.

Money Back Grantee

As MCTs powders are manufactured by many companies and obviously every company has different policies according to their criteria. Overall average money back grantee is almost the same. I think this is the best thing about this product that their companies are providing 100% money back grantee. No matter you have opened its bottle/packet or used it, if you didn’t get its prominent result you can return MCT powder within 3 months. And we also find surety of refund policy somewhere in reviews.

How to buy MCT powder

Some medicines need doctor’s prescription to get them but nothing such type of thing in this case. You can get this supplement from any supplement counter as this is available in the market in the reliable price.

You may get this product from the online market. In the online market, the best plate form is Amazon. You may order this from there in just one click. You will get your order within 3-4 working days. If you are ordering MCT powder rather than this. Make sure that you are ordering from a reliable and trusty website. And one more thing, we ever you receive your order must check whether that is seal packed or not. If not return that on the spot. Because the seal is the surety of pure product.

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