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The Keto vs Vegan Diet Reviews

These days, it has become almost impossible to go on the Internet or social media platforms without being greeted by an update or article about weight loss.

It might be as simple as someone promoting a drug or product, or even some weight loss goal. Someone else could be complaining about the restrictive nature of their diet, or an inability to spend money on their favorite foods.

The weight loss industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar one, and it’s pretty obvious why.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases estimates that about 2 in 3 adults is overweight. In addition, one in six adolescent (children between the ages of 12 and 19) is also considered to be overweight.

All of this means that people are constantly in the hunt for ways to get their weight down.

On an annual basis, industry professionals and healthcare practitioners are always on the lookout for effective and scientifically proven strategies that will lead to sustainable weight loss. At the same time, we have extreme weight loss plans and diets that increase and fade in popularity with time. You can easily get expert information from sources like HealthyTop10s.

However, two of these diet plans—the vegan diet and the keto diet—take opposing stands when it comes to food strategies for weight loss. Still, they are incredibly popular, given their different approaches to losing weight.

Here are a few things about them.

The keto diet (actually, short for ketogenic diet) is an eating plan that tends to focus on increasing the number of fats you take in, while minimizing your carb consumption.  

With this plan, the general idea is to induce ketosis in your body. Basically, your body starts to make use of its fats as a form of energizing your body to perform more.

Of course, people have different dies and needs. However, with a keto diet, you have to generally get about 65 to 75 percent of your calories from the fats in your body. Carbs provide just 5 to 10 percent of these calories, while 15 to 30 percent is gotten from proteins.

On the flip side, a vegan diet gets rid of every animal product from the diet. You don’t get to eat any meat, dairy product, fish, and poultry. The diet brings more of a focus on plant-based foods, and the number of carbs you consume doesn’t really matter.

So which should you try?

Well for starters, ask yourself this simple question:

How do you feel about taking animal products like meat and dairy?

If you don’t feel too strongly about those, then you definitely can’t live off a keto diet.

Also, you should know that none of these is guaranteed to help you lose weight. While a lot of people have had massive success with the keto diet, some people tried it but didn’t get the desired results.

The same goes for the vegan diet. It’s worked for some people, while for others, they ended up gaining more weight with it.

Another factor that should guide you is what you actually want to achieve from the diet. You could be looking at just losing weight, while some people actually aim to develop a much more nutritious diet and generally improve their health.

Keto is generally faster when it comes to losing weight, but the vegan diet is healthier. If you want to maintain a healthy body weight, then the vegan diet is your best bet. To simply burn all the fats at a stretch, go for keto.

Sustainability is another important metric here. The keto diet isn’t primarily known to be easy to maintain. It requires a lot of meal planning, preparation, and forward thinking.

Some people might suffer from digestive issues that will make the diet more difficult to sustain over the long term. In the same vein, sustainability can also be a significant issue with being vegan. Do you think you can live your life without consuming meat and other animal products?

The bottom line

Both the keto diet and the vegan diet can help to achieve weight loss, as long as you go about things the right way. Also, remember that while keto might bring faster results, veganism tends to be more sustainable over time.

Still, your choice will eventually come down to your favorites and preferences.

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